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30 January 1983
Denton, Texas, United States
Denton High School - Denton TX (1997 - 2001)
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42, acid jazz, american gods, aperture science, arrested development, asoiaf, atb, barenaked ladies, beer, ben folds five, breakbeats, breaking bad, chaos, china 1 wok, chinese food, christopher guest, cigarettes, cowboy bebop, crusading against mr. chopsticks, cthulhu, daft punk, dallas stars, david cross, deep thoughts, denton, dominic deegan, donnie darko, douglas adams, downtempo, dragonball z, dvds, electronica, fatboy slim, final fantasy, firefly, firefox, foosball, franke potente, futurama, gamecube, george r. r. martin, gir, girl genius, gonzo journalism, good omens, gorillaz, hayao miyazaki, heather brooke, html, hunter s. thompson, ice hockey,, jack black, japanese food, jazz, jessica alba, jonathan coulton, kamel red lights, kids in the hall, korean food, kosheen, kurt vonnegut, kyle gass, legend of zelda, les claypool, lo fidelity allstars, lost, magnolia, marijuana, mark farina, metroid, monty python, movies, mr. show, mst3k, mushroom jazz, mystery science theater 3000, nag champa, naked girls, naomi watts, neil gaiman, newsradio, ninjas, noir, norml, orgazmo, oysterhead, paul thomas anderson, philip k. dick, pink floyd, platinum grit, portal, portishead, primus, princess mononoke, quentin tarantino, resident evil 4, salad fingers, sam and fuzzy, satire, science fiction, sealab 2021, sex, smash brothers, smash brothers melee, sneaker pimps, south park, spacegirl, spacemen, spirited away, sriracha sauce, star wars, strangers with candy, strong bad, sukho thai, sushi, techno, tenacious d, terry gilliam, tetris, thai food, the beatles, the beta band, the big lebowski, the chemical brothers, the coen brothers, the god of chaos, the hudsucker proxy, the office, the simpsons, the venture brothers,, they might be giants, thievery corporation, tim powers, todd gaines, toejam and earl, trip hop, vietnamese food, webcomics, wes anderson, wesley willis, wikipedia, windwaker, women, zelda, zero 7, zombies, æon flux
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